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Radio allows messages to be tailored and localised to each audience. People carry out a wide range of activities while simultaneously listening to the radio. Advertisers can focus their message to specific demographic and geographic groups within their target markets. Each radio station is operated in consideration of specific market segments, so following a careful selection process, your product/service will be advertised to its exact target market.

Radio is the medium that people on the move spend the most time with throughout the day, providing ample opportunity for a message to reach its audience. And media surveys always show that radio listeners are far less likely to “tune out” when ads come on the radio, compared to television. Ask yourself – how often do you change channels or get up from your seat when the ads come on tv? Do you do the same while listening to the radio?

Given radio portability, advertisers have the opportunity to reach people on the go, providing themselves with a competitive advantage in the market. The accessibility of radio enables listening to occur in places that other media may have difficulty reaching. For example, your target customers don’t read a newspaper or magazine whilst driving, nor do they watch tv whilst working in the garden.

Advertising works through repetition. Your target customer may well need to hear your commercial three or four times before they respond to your call with action. To reach this level of frequency, radio advertising is usually more cost-effective than other media. People choose to listen to the radio – they want to listen and be engaged, and they listen to commercial radio for 15 hours on average per week.

The car radio is most popular for listening to music-based and speech-based radio stations

Listening to music-based and speech-based radio stations are both most likely to be done through a car radio. Half (49%) of the people who said they listened to a piece of music the radio station said they did so through an analogue car radio, while 25% said they did it through a DAB car radio.

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