Tv Advertising


increase in advertising effectiveness through TV*


increase in market share point driven by TV*


increase in on-demand tv viewers year-on-year*

How do we do it with research – lots of research and planning

Even with all the digital options out there, TV continues to be a large draw for consumers. Statistics found that at 2.8 hours a day, TV watching, these numbers are often higher in ethnic communities where they watch as much as 5 hours per day. As we get older, our television watching increases and these numbers reach about seven hours per day. As a result, 60% of marketing spend still goes to TV.

As media buyers and strategists, our job is to find the best places for our clients to advertise to reach their ideal customer affordability, take advantage of this reach and the many affordable advertising options to grow your business no matter what the size. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money as long as you have a good strategy.


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